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Recovery is difficult but recovery is possible. Jason's Story is part of a web series that profiles 12 individuals who have struggled with and recovered from mental health problems and addiction. 

Recovery is Real: Jason's Story

Role: Director/ Producer

Partner/ Client: Community Counseling of Bristol County

'LGBT Progress has never been a one-way street, we've seen triumphs and setbacks.  We have felt deep pride and great sorrow.' An anthem video for Out Leadership, a B Corp committed to driving equality forward.  

Moving Forward

Role: Diector / Producer

Partner/ Client: Out Leadership

How do you tackle a global health problem that’s largely treatable, but the tools to diagnose it can’t reach its victims? Maybe an app is the answer. 

Bright As Day

Role: Producer

Partner: The Global Health Initiative at Dana Farber/ Boston Children's



In Africa's largest slum, these young women, The Kibera Shedders, are creating a bright future for themselves built on education and business training.  Part of the "I AM JA' series profiling inspiring alumni across the globe.

100 Lives: Kibera Shedders

Role: Producer/ Co-director

Partner/ Client: JA Worldwide

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