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Recovery is difficult but recovery is possible. Teddy & Raquel's stories are part of a web series that profiles over two dozen individuals who have struggled with and recovered from mental health problems and addiction with the counseling and support of Community Counseling of Bristol County. 

Recovery is Real

Role: Director/ Producer

Client: Community Counseling of Bristol County

How do you tackle a global health problem that’s largely treatable, but the tools to diagnose it can’t reach its victims? Maybe an app called Craddle is the answer. 

Clear As Day

Role: Co-Director & Producer

Partner: The Global Health Initiative at Dana Farber/ Boston Children's



These videos featuring young female entrepreneurs from Kenya, The Philipeans, El Salvador, and Egypt are part of a series of stories celebrating 100 years of impact for JA WorldWide. As one of the world’s largest and most-impactful youth-serving NGOs, JA delivers hands on, immersive learning in work readiness, financial health, entrepreneurship, sustainability, STEM, economics, and more. Reaching more than 15 million young people each year,

100 Lives Series

Role: Producer/ Co-director

Partner/ Client: JA Worldwide

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