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Meghan Shea 

Meghan Shea is an award winning director & producer who specializes in non-fiction filmmaking. Meghan creates compelling, research-based, visually driven stories. Her work moves fluidly between documentary, and commercial content. 

She has worked with artists such as YoYo Ma and her work has been screened by organizations such as The Word Health Organization, Tribeca Film Festival, and The United Nations General Assembly. Her client portfolio includes BBC Storyworks, SONY Music, The Rockefeller Foundation and Conde Nast among others.  She is a co-founder of Persistent Productions, which has offices in Boston and in Singapore.


Meghan is particularly interested in how art and documentary film can create social and policy change. Her film How I Live has worked at the intersection of science, public health and policy to advocate for more equity in global childhood cancer. She has worked closely with Dr. Irini Albanti, and Dr Soad Fuentes in this impact & outreach campaign and you can learn more about this work at the film’s website


Meghan is a member of New Day Films.  She received Master’s in Fine Arts from The George Washington University where she was a fellow for The Women’s Leadership Program International Arts and Culture Cohort.

Meghan is currently the co-chair of the Pediatric Patient Family Advisory Council at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. 

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