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K Pop with Kicks

Min Ji may be a young performer, but her well-practiced moves pack a punch. Watch how martial arts can infuse Korea's booming music scene with a performance edge.


Coming Home to Kimchi

A Michelin-starred Chef in London returns to his delicious roots in South Korea!

Project: Stories Within

Agency: BBC Storyworks

Client: Korean Airlines

Role: Director

About: This series was commissioned by Korean Airlines to tell stories of unique aspects of Korean culture. With this series we took a character led, humanistic, and journalistic approach featuring real people engaging with their contemporary Korean Culture. The series launched on Facebook and has garnered over 10 million views. 


Project: Step By Step

Executive Produced by: Ugly Duckling Projects

Client: Johnny Walker

Role: Interviewer & Post-Producer

Full Film @

About: This film features Greg and Paul, two men with physical disabilities who take on an arduous trek in the Himalayas. Aligned with the clients' 'Keep Walking' mission and values, the story is one of perseverance and strength. The film is both a brand story and a documentary film and was played in the clients' social channels as well as film festivals winning both an audience choice and a cinematography award. 



Project: Transitions Lenses

Executive Produced by: Ugly Duckling Projects

Client: Transitions Lenses

Agency: TSLA Singapore 

Role: Producer & Interviewer

About: This film features a hot air balloonist, an architect, and a teacher using Transitions Lenses in their everyday life. 

Part of a series of films for Transitions Lenses filmed across New Zealand, Bali, and Hong Kong


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