How I Live

Feature Documentary

Role: Director & Producer

Follow the incredible journey of four children with cancer and the healthcare teams working to cure them. Filmed on the front lines of global pediatric oncology in Egypt, Myanmar, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Ghana.


In the Spirit of Laxmi

Short Documentary

Role: Director & Producer

Full Film Available to Purchase

Raising and rewilding an injured leopard cub in India's Rajasthan province. One man's journey through motherhood.

A Young Girl's Question, "What does it Mean to be Sikh?" Inspires the Adventure of a Lifetime

Under The Turban

Feature Documentary

Role: Co-Director & Producer

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Guatemalan artist Isabella Spingmuhl is the head designer for the Down to Xjabelle label. This documentary film explores what inspires her, how she built her internationally renown clothing line, and what it is like for her to work and live as a young woman with Down Syndrome.

Down with X

A documentary film in production

Role: Director/ Producer

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